"I wrote récits. The récit is indispensable to me to reach poetry in a roundabout way. It is poetry that I seek, that is to say the creation of fictions, drawn from the very depths of the soul and whose fictive life, carefully observed and analysed, allows me to study and know the soul itself, by means of a kind of reflection.

In order for these reflections to be quite lifelike, in order for them to come to life, the soul must be put in the presence of these magnetic points of the world which, by their radiations, excite most intensely the inner powers: earth, animals, wind, water, fire, air, certain privileged creatures, strange intermediaries between us and the unknown.

It is the quest for secrets. What do these multiple secrets lead us to suppose, if not that everything is connected, that everything sees, that everything communicates, that everything has a meaning, and that one errs in not believing in this unity of life; much more that life and death are two branches of the same trunk, and that ultimately everything leads to the unity of being, which, itself fused with the non-being, is mysteriously contained by God.

Every poetic myth is a religious myth. To look through these secrets, to discover lines of communication hidden from ordinary people is to go towards what I call paradise on earth."

Henri Bosco

Letter to Jean Steinmann, Pentecost 1948, in Jean Steinmann, "Littérature d'hier et d'aujourd'hui" - Desclée de Brouwer, 1963.

(Traduction by Sandra Beckett)